Friday, January 2, 2009

A really long time

Well... where to start?

Randy.. doing great. He is funny and caring and smart. (just like his mom!!) We have done a great job so far with him. Actually, he couldn't be more like Ed. He is just a short version with blue eyes. They look the same, and think the same. They even pick on me the same. Luckily for me, I can ground Randy.

Meredith.. all girl!! Dramatic and smart and sassy. Once she can figure out when to be all of those, she will be wonderful. She is beautiful, and is now getting free stuff because if it... An employee at the sub shop gave her a free drink the other day because she is so pretty. I already know we are in trouble!!!

Brenna... my love. She is so good. Brenna is calm, cute, and sweet. Until she is tired, then she bites. She has just started walking, and is beginning to talk. She still doesn't say mama, but she does say the names of the kids across the street. And... SHE IS GETTING HAIR!!! I can almost get it up in little pig tails!!! She is going to look great!!

Ed and I... Doing fantastic!! I am sure you all don't want all the mushy details, but they are there. We got a new game for Christmas, and I have been winning!! It hasn't gotten too cut throat yet, but it will. And I will still win!!!

I hope all of you have a very happy new year!!


Amanda said...

Don't forget that she says Manda now :-) And still no mama..hehehe

Rake said...

Happy Birthday!